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ColdSpring Bean Utilities
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ColdSpring Bean Utilities Issue: Error Occurred While Processing Request http://localhost/beanutils/example/

Name: Error Occurred While Processing Request http://localhost/beanutils/example/
ID: 2
Project: ColdSpring Bean Utilities
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Henry Ho
Created: 11/26/09 6:40 PM
Updated: 12/15/09 10:52 PM
Description: My CF9 root is D:\Project. I added the coldspring mapping, and browse to http://localhost/beanutils/example/ , I got the following error:

Error Loading: D:\Project\beanutils\example\index.cfm\/RemoteUserService.cfc, The cause of this exception was: java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Project\beanutils\example\index.cfm\RemoteUserService.cfc (The system cannot find the path specified).

The error occurred in D:\Project\coldspring\aop\framework\AopProxyUtils.cfc: line 198
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\aop\framework\RemoteFactoryBean.cfc: line 241
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\aop\framework\RemoteFactoryBean.cfc: line 131
Called from D:\Project\beanutils\MetadataAwareRemoteFactoryBean.cfc: line 148
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\BeanDefinition.cfc: line 740
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\DefaultXmlBeanFactory.cfc: line 634
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\DefaultXmlBeanFactory.cfc: line 685
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\DefaultXmlBeanFactory.cfc: line 216
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\DefaultXmlBeanFactory.cfc: line 201
Called from D:\Project\coldspring\beans\DefaultXmlBeanFactory.cfc: line 190
Called from D:\Project\beanutils\DynamicXMLBeanFactory.cfc: line 83
Called from D:\Project\beanutils\DynamicXMLBeanFactory.cfc: line 75
Called from D:\Project\beanutils\example\Application.cfc: line 41

196 :                <cfset variables.logger.error("[coldspring.aop.AopProxyError] Error reading: Error writing: #arguments.serviceLocation#/#arguments.serviceName#.cfc, #cfcatch.Detail#") />
197 :             </cfif> --->
198 :              <cfthrow type="coldspring.aop.AopProxyError" message="Error Loading: #arguments.serviceLocation#/#arguments.serviceName#.cfc, #cfcatch.Detail#" />
199 :           </cfcatch>
200 :       </cftry>
History: Created by henryho (Henry Ho) : 11/26/09 6:40 PM

Comment by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 12/15/09 10:52 PM
I'm not sure what the issue is, Henry. I'm going to close this since I can't replicate the issue. Let me know if you discover anything further.

Updated by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 12/15/09 10:52 PM

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