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ColdSpring Bean Utilities
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ColdSpring Bean Utilities Issue: DynamicXMLBeanFactory issue on CF8

Name: DynamicXMLBeanFactory issue on CF8
ID: 3
Project: ColdSpring Bean Utilities
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Dutch Rapley
Created: 03/10/10 9:57 AM
Updated: 03/10/10 9:57 AM
Description: line 115

<cfset local.beanXMLElement = Trim( ReMatchNoCase( '.*<beans[^>]*>', local.coldSpringXML )[1] ) />

illegal syntax, as you can't specify an array position after a method call in CF8

Needs to be broken up into two lines

<cfset local.matchBean = ReMatchNoCase( '.*<beans[^>]*>', local.coldSpringXML ) />
<cfset local.beanXMLElement = Trim( local.matchBean[1] ) />
History: Created by dutchrapley (Dutch Rapley) : 03/10/10 9:57 AM

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